9 Apr 2020

You Are Not Necessary

i dont know who wrote this
but its beautiful

we fell asleep in one world
and woke up in another

suddenly Disney is out of magic
Paris is no longer romantic
New York doesn't stand up anymore
the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress
and Mecca is empty

hugs and kisses suddenly become weapons
and not visiting parents & friends becomes and  act of love

suddenly you realize the power
beauty and money are worthless
and can't get you oxygen you're fighting for

the world continues its life
and it is beautiful
it only puts human in cages
 I think it's sending us a message

"You are not necessary. 
The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. 
When you come back, 
remember that you are my guests, 
not my masters"


  1. hi Elsa n Dija pa kabar? semoga sehat selalu.

    1. hai juga Om...
      alhamdulillah still stay at home, and stay healthy
      semoga kita semua sehat selalu yaaa

  2. Dija udah kelas berapa sekarang? Sudah lama tidak blogwalking ke mari.

    Semoga Aunty Elsa, Dija dan keluarga, sehat sehat selalu. Aamiin

  3. Aaaa, baca puisinya aku jadi mellow :')

  4. Hai Dija, udah gede ya sekarang...

  5. Dija apa kabar? Salam dari duo ina...salam utk tante elsa yach


Terima kasih yaa.. sudah sayang sama Dija...